I recently built WatchCrypto, a cryptocurrency dashboard website that ranks the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

What motivated me to get started with WatchCrypto?

As part of my objectives for 2018, I wanted to get better with VueJS, a Front End Framework that I have been using to build web applications. Cryptocurrency has been trending more so recently, and it would be interesting to build something that requires constant monitoring.

Even though there were similar websites out on the internets, I wanted to build one I could call my own.

What went into building the initial product?

I built WatchCrypto to solve the data complexity I faced while on other cryptocurrency dashboard sites.

The information that was provided on other sites wasn’t clear for someone who is new into the cryptocurrency scene, and the data was complex to read. I wanted something that was easy to interpret.

I used coinmarketcap’s API to pull the data that I wanted, and displayed them in cards as I find it was the easiest way to fit enough information in without overwhelming a user’s cognitive load.

I chose to display the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation, or in simpler terms, market value.

How did I iterate the site

The very first version of the site

The initial design looked like this, with the spinning globe taking majority of the space on top. and taking up way too much screen estate space when viewing the site in mobile.

I reduced the size of the globe and shifted the cards (the main focus of the site) upwards.

💀🖥 Skeleton cards to speed up user experience

I also added in skeleton cards when the site is loading, and deliberately chose them to a loading spinner to give users a sense that something is happening in the background. Previously, it was a empty state with nothing.

This Sitepoint article explains how to use skeleton screens well.

💯 marks! Optimising performance is an ongoing process

I used pingdom and lighthouse to measure the site’s performance, and improved them based on the recommended steps. Optimising for performance is always an ongoing process, which I will probably write on in the future.

What are my goals for WatchCrypto in the future?

My goal is to monetise this somehow, and of course improve the site as well along the way. If you have any feedback or suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!


Launching something, however small it may be, is actually not as hard as it seems to be. It is the first side project I have shipped this year, and many more to come.

Also in line with my objectives for this year, I have gotten better with VueJS, and shipped a side project.